Lithography on polyester and drypoint on plexiglass

(Italiano) Il workshop finalizzato allo studio della stampa attraverso la combinazione della litografia e della puntasecca su plexiglass. è rivolto sia a chi non ha alcuna esperienza nel campo dell'incisione, sia ad incisori esperti.

con Gianna Bentivenga, Maria Pina Bentivenga


by Brogan Bertie

The aim of this workshop is designed for those who have an interest for the printmaking techniques with a special attention to the experimental one combining lithography on polyester and drypoint on plexiglass.

Lithography on polyester is a new process that allows the use of the direct drawing on the plate and a photography transfer: you can draw with instruments like Biro pen and several variety markers and transfer black and white pictures.

the second step of the workshop is to use a perspex plate as a second matrix, engraved with drypoint that will be printed on the lithograph one. With the strong and captivating drypoint marks you will add an extra value to the composition.

Materials and tools are included in the cost of the course and will be provided for each participant.

Gianna Bentivenga

Gianna Bentivenga is graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Rome. Since 1997 she began to devote herself to engraving. In 2006 she obtained a study to Kunsthaus Tacheles in Berlin. She has participated in several national and international artistic events.

She currently lives and works in Rome.

Maria Pina Bentivenga

Maria Pina Bentivenga has graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts. Her love for printmaking takes shape in pure drawing and etching. Her prints and artists’ books are on show in Italy and abroad and are part of collections such as the Albertina in Vienna and the National Institute for Graphics in Rome. She is a member of the board of directors of the Associazione Incisori Contemporanei. She lives and works in Rome where she teaches Printmaking at the RUFA, Rome University of Fine Arts and at the Ornamental Arts’ School of the Municipality of Roma San Giacomo.